What is security monitoring?

Cyber security monitoring is defined as the procedure of identifying cyber threats and taking the appropriate steps to stop them. IT infrastructure and dark web monitoring allow organizations to detect cyber-attacks in their early stages and stop them before they cause damage.

How does FirstCall Security Monitoring Work?

We offer network security monitoring, endpoint security monitoring, and dark web monitoring to help ensure your data stays secure.

Network Security Monitoring involves the use of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology to log everything that happens in your network. This means if something abnormal happens in your environment, you will know what happened, who did it, and when it occurred.

Endpoint Security Monitoring for your desktops and servers is a necessity for proper cyber hygiene. No longer can you just rely on the latest anti-virus tool. Your organization needs Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) if you want to be protected from even the most basic of threats.

Schedule a Consultation

FirstCall Consulting will conduct an initial evaluation to show you how your current security environment stacks up to your industry peers. We will make a roadmap to meet your unique cybersecurity needs.

Network and Endpoint Security Monitoring is not enough today. Despite their best efforts, even the most expensive EDR and SIEM’s cannot keep up with the current pace of innovation that threat actors have.

We combine dark web scans with continuous monitoring to keep you up to date with the latest threat intelligence. If your organization’s information on the dark web is found, you will be the first to know. Our cybersecurity monitoring team will notify you if any personal information used for identity theft is found including:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Compromised Credentials

Data security monitoring from FirstCall Consulting is the best way to ensure your data will be protected from data breaches or a security incident.

Why is security monitoring crucial?

As more and more organizations are adopting cloud environments, it is harder than ever to draw the line and determine where your network boundary is. Cyber threats are working around the clock to take advantage of brand-new vulnerabilities that emerge daily. So, your information security monitoring needs to work around the clock as well.

Challenges of Self-Monitoring

The biggest challenge of trying to do security monitoring yourself is manpower. Even for small organizations, SIEM’s and EDR’s generate a ton of data and information that your team would need to constantly monitor. While there have been great strides recently in technology and machine learning to help with this burden, the fact remains that you need to have someone on call 24×7 with the proper skills and training to manage these tools yourself.

Our Security Services:

This is where FirstCall comes in. Instead of trying to keep up to date with the latest technologies and manage security events yourself, let the experts at FirstCall Consulting do it for you. Backed by our 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC), you will rest easy at night knowing we are always watching.

Unlike other firms, we do not pigeon hole you into using one certain EDR or SIEM. Our team of security experts will use the best technology that fits your needs, not the other way around.

Contact us today to learn how to take this crucial step to keep your organization safe.

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