SAP Services

Our SAP Services portfolio offers a wide range of solutions for enhancing business operations and driving digital transformation. These include Implementation & Configuration, Development & Customization, AMS Services, and Security Services. Each specialized service optimizes SAP software usage, fostering business growth, process refinement, and technological advancement.

Implementation & Configuration

Our Implementation & Configuration service ensures an optimal SAP platform, aligning solutions with your business objectives. With industry best practices, we streamline software installations, upgrades, and data migration for your business growth.

Development & Customization

We customize SAP by implementing unique developments and reports to enhance user experience. Our process seamlessly aligns your SAP software with your business needs for a tailored solution that optimizes functionality and efficiency.

AMS Services

Our comprehensive Application Management Services (AMS) provide a holistic approach to safeguarding and optimizing your SAP environment. From delivering support and maintenance to driving continuous improvement, we’ve got you covered. Choose AMS to ensure your SAP solutions remain agile, adaptable, and future-proof, enabling ongoing business success.

SAP Security & GRC Services

Our SAP Security & GRC guarantee the highest level of confidentiality, integrity, and availability for your SAP landscape. Our services encompass security strategy, governance, vulnerability assessments, incident management, safeguarding your valuable data, ensuring system availability, and defending against threats while maintaining optimal functionality.

Free Health Check

FirstCall offers a free, no-obligation SAP system health check. Our expert team conducts a deep analysis of your system’s performance and stability, identifies potential issues, and suggests improvements, all to ensure optimal operation. Utilize this chance to understand your system’s health at no charge.

Our Diverse Range of Clients

Our FirstCall clients are an impressive mix of companies from diverse industries worldwide. From Fortune 500 giants to small businesses, we serve a wide range of organizations, ensuring that our services are accessible to companies of all sizes and sectors.

I am delighted to share our experience with FirstCall Consulting. They’ve consistently demonstrated excellent work on our SAP projects and ongoing support.

Al Furman, Director of IT, Madden Communications, Inc.

Our first SAP implementation was challenging, to say the least. FirstCall Consulting came in and stabilized our environment, aligning our business processes with SAP’s capabilities. They were the helping hand we needed.

Al Furman, Director of IT, Madden Communications, Inc.

In our 6-year partnership with FirstCall Consulting, they have consistently helped us maximize SAP’s utility in our business. Moreover, they’ve helped us reduce our FTE support costs by over 60%.

Al Furman, Director of IT, Madden Communications, Inc.

If you’re looking for a valued business partner, look no further than FirstCall Consulting. Their extensive SAP knowledge and industry expertise set them apart as leaders in the SAP Support and Managed Services field.

Al Furman, Director of IT, Madden Communications, Inc.

The Marvin Group has had the pleasure of working with FirstCall Consulting for the past 6 years, and have been impressed by their exceptional technical and functional skills as it relates to SAP support throughout many modules. FirstCall consulting consistently delivers high-quality work and support that not only meets but exceeds our expectations.

The Marvin Group
One of the most notable aspects of working with FirstCall Consulting is their ability to find innovative solutions that result in significant cost savings for our projects. Furthermore, FirstCall Consulting responsiveness is truly commendable.
The Marvin Group

They are always quick to address any issues, provide updates, and communicate effectively throughout the entirety of a project’s lifecycle. Their proactive approach ensures that deadlines are met, and our goals are achieved without any setbacks.

The Marvin Group
As the acting Manager of IT Applications for the Marvin Group I wholeheartedly recommend FirstCall Consulting. They are a true professional who consistently goes above and beyond to delivery outstanding results.
The Marvin Group

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