Vulnerability Assessment Services

Vulnerability assessments are used to determine and assess security vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure and applications. FirstCall Consulting uses only the most accurate tools to scan for cyber threats, prioritize vulnerabilities, and provide a detailed vulnerability assessment report.

Areas we test of your IT environment

FirstCall Consulting’s vulnerability management services are affordable and provide a high return on investment. Our information security team has years of experience in penetration testing to detect vulnerabilities and find weak points that assessment tools alone are unable to find.

We begin with an evaluation of your network. This includes testing your firewall, network segmentation, and the ability to remotely connect to your network. We then move onto testing your weakest link, your employees. 

According to Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, 82% of breaches involved the Human Element. We help prevent this with simulated phishing attacks and testing your email server’s resistance to spamming.

We then shift to assessing your applications. This includes your desktop, mobile, and web applications. We look at how they store and transfer data, as well as if authentication is required.

Assessment Methods

    To maximize the potential of vulnerability assessments, we use both automated and manual methods.

    Automated Vulnerability Scanning
    FirstCall Consulting’s data security experts use automated scanning tools to begin the vulnerability assessment process. We take into account your organization’s specific needs and requirements, as well as financial resources, to determine the best tool for your network. We test your network against known vulnerabilities, and can detect if your company is vulnerable to them or not. Automated scanning will give you a full view into your security posture and test against a wide range of known network vulnerabilities.

    Manual Methods
    Our cyber security team performs manual testing of the reported findings in order to validate true vulnerabilities and eliminate false positives. We then help you implement the necessary security controls to keep your data safe.

    Our Service Offerings:

    Single Vulnerability Assessment

    Having a third-party organization perform a one-time vulnerability assessment is an ideal way to get a true view of your organization’s security without bias. Our security team ensures a high-quality assessment by performing a variety of information gathering techniques before performing the vulnerability assessment. This way, we leave no stone unturned in our mission to find every vulnerability in your network.

    Managed Vulnerability Services

    Regular vulnerability assessments are key to any safe network. Organizations will oftentimes conduct one off vulnerability assessments, fix some issues, then go right back to doing what they did before. Over time, those same issues will keep resurfacing, unless that organization conducts assessments on a regular basis to ensure they stay protected.

    How often you should conduct a vulnerability assessment is dependent on a variety of factors, and is ultimately up to each individual organization to decide. For organizations that are in highly regulated industries, including healthcare, defense, and financial sectors, we recommend continuous monitoring.

    Continuous monitoring from FirstCall Consulting is the only way to ensure your organization gets and stays compliant, by remediating any issues as soon as they happen. Just because your organization becomes compliant, that does not mean that you will stay compliant.

    We often see organizations that only implement security controls when they’re being audited, and then ignore them afterwards. What they don’t realize is that if an incident occurs and they are out of compliance, there are harsh penalties. Business leaders will be held accountable with financial penalties, and can even face prison time.

    Challenges We Solve Promptly Identify Your Security Risks

    FirstCall Consulting’s security team can help increase the security of your company by revealing any weaknesses in your network or application protection. For 15 years, we have helped organizations like yours identify security gaps and make sure they are protected. In addition to our vulnerability assessment services, we help remediate any gaps you currently have in your security posture.

    FirstCall Consulting is a global leader in the Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) industry. We provide endpoint and network protection, vulnerability and dark web scanning, security awareness training and compliance services all backed by our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC). We take the burden off of our clients when it comes to monitoring their systems, to ensure your organization is secure 365 days a year.

    Unlike other MSSPs, we support and manage any type of SIEM, firewall or endpoint protection. This means we can recommend what is actually the best fit for your organization, and don’t try to pigeon hole you into only one solution. We want what’s best for you, not the other way around.

    Contact us to learn more about the benefits of our vulnerability assessment services. FirstCall Consulting’s security experts can answer all your questions and are here to help.

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